Here at hopeful Brain, We Bring hope to those who lost hope along the way.

We understand parents and know that every child is unique. We know that every child has a huge potential to grow and thrive.

Our solutions are tailored specifically to your child’s strengths, weaknesses, and needs. Our holistic approach to therapy is based on the Melillo Method™, a unique and groundbreaking approach that allows us to find the true cause of your child’s difficulties, and build a personally tailored program that will guide you through to a brighter future. 

Intensive Week - North London

Our goal is to help children overcome their challenges, improve their health and create positive changes in their nervous systems as a result of the above. We base Our work on Dr. Robert Melillo's Method which focuses on child development and improving the lives of tens of thousands of children. The therapy is tailored individually to the areas of the development that didn't develop as expected, we know how to target those areas in the brain in order to help children overcome their challenges.
On the first day, your child will go through a full functional neurological examination done by Dr. Omer Hirsh At the end of the intensive week, each family will get a detailed 'Home Program' to maximize the benefits of the intensive week for the months and years to come and our support and follow-up to help them implement the exercises to continue seeing progress.

Our Remote Program

You will be asked to fill in forms that will help us assess your child in addition to detailed short videos of your child for us to assess his level in order to determine the weaker areas of the brain, stability, primitive reflexes, and muscle tone. Dr. Omer will talk to you about your child's medical history, previous treatments, and your child's strengths and weaknesses before working on a targeted unique program for your child to provide you with a clear plan ahead.

Free Initial Video Consultation

Free discovery call with Dana or Adi to understand if we have a good fit and to make sure this is the right path for your child.

Frequently asked questions

For your convenience, here are some frequently asked questions from parents and our answers. If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.

Imbalances in the brain relate to the communication and development of the two hemispheres. if one side develops faster than the other the brain will not work efficiently.

When there is an imbalance that develops between the two hemispheres of the brain, in which certain areas are over-connected and other areas are under-connected, and the speed of processing is too different, the different area of the brain can’t communicate with each other properly. This is called ‘functional disconnection’. This we can change.

Through examination, a developmental functional neurologist can target the slow areas in order to balance the brain. Each brain is unique. Just an example:
non-verbal communication difficulties, hyperactivity and impulsivity are more associated with a right hemisphere weakness, while learning difficulties such as reading and math are more associated with a left hemisphere weakness. 

Exceptional abilities in certain areas with obvious difficulties in others. For example, children who are extremely intelligent but have very poor social skills or gross motor abilities. This is a result of the unevenness of function in their brain. We aim to improve the functions the child is not good at, without taking away any of his strengths. 

Yes, it is possible to balance the brain with no medication through the application of specific and personalized daily exercises.

No – both autism and ADHD are much more environmentally based than genetically driven, therefore they are correctable in most cases and even preventable.

Environmental factors such as toxins, pesticides, diet, and lifestyle related factors such as lack of exercise, and stress, affect the child’s brain development in the womb and in the first years of its life.