We help children with ADHD, Autism, AND Learning Disabilities to reach their full potential with no medication.

 We are passionate about bringing back hope and amazing results to families who lost hope.

Does Your Child Get The Support He or She needs?

Autism, or autism spectrum disorder (ASD), most significantly affects the child’s ability to fulfill their potential, and of course also affects the family around him – emotionally, cognitively, and of course financially. We offer a unique treatment based on developmental functional neurology.

When looking at the typical symptoms of an autistic child and at the special abilities that these children often exhibit, we can clearly see that all difficulties are related to brain functions that reside more in the right hemisphere, while all benefits belong to the brain functions that reside mainly in the left hemisphere. The main problem is the ability of the different parts of the brain to communicate with each other and to be in sync with each other.  

We look at the whole picture: primitive reflexes integration, muscle tone, balance and asymmetry, and diet,  in order to restore balance in the brain and body. 

Our goal for every child who comes to us is to grow up to be an independent, productive, helpful adult to society, We will provide your child with the tools to help them fulfill their dreams and potential in life.

Tailored therapy to best suit your child needs

Here at Hopeful Brain, we like to think out of the box as every child is unique and has different needs.   We implement the Melillo Method principles using cutting-edge neurological tools to achieve amazing results for the families and individuals we work with. 

We Specialize In The Following:

What to expect - Therapy Process

Free Initial
Video call Consultation

Free discovery call with Dana or Adi to understand if we have a good fit to make sure this is the right path for your child.

Video Call with Dr. Omer Hirsh

Full assessment of your child's overall condition which includes an examination. we will discuss your child's medical history and assessment forms to provide you with a clear plan ahead.

Working on a Plan

Dr. Hirsh will discuss his tailored plan with you and with your child. you will be getting a PDF file which includes videos and examples on how to perform the exercises correctly.

Ongoing support

Monthly calls with Dana or Adi to discuss your progress and help you implement the program using a multi-sensory holistic approach that includes sensory stimuli, floor time techniques, gut health, and family resilience tips to help with meltdowns.

“We cannot thank Dr. Hirsh and his team enough for their dedication in helping my Son to Overcome His Challenges.״

Joyce M.

Hopeful Blog

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